Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the Doors

It is amazing the impact new doors can make.  24th came with old, hollow, dark grained interior doors and a dilapidated front door.  We knew for certain we wanted something simple and clean and decided upon a single panel shaker for all the interior doors.  We also added a door from the kitchen to the hallway to help separate noise from the front to the back bedrooms.  

Dark and dingy, but the kid is cute
For the hardware, we went with satin nickel round door knobs from, which had a great selection.  We considered using levers to match with the style of the house but decided with young children the harder to open knobs were a better selection and has since worked out well.  

Separation Door
For the front door, we went with something more traditional. The goal was to let in as much light as possible while maintaining privacy (our front door opens directly into our living room, the only draw back of 24th).  We found a solid oak door with 6 small panel windows on sale from Caldwells in San Francisco.  To the dismay of our painters, we painted the outside but stained the interior.   I don't have a before picture of the exterior door but it was bad, a worse version of our previous interiors.  Here is is now.
Exterior Door

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