Thursday, December 15, 2011

the Love of Stripes

OK, I am obsessed with stripes, both for clothing and decor but especially rugs.  I have been coveting the Madeline Weinrib Atelier wool black and white rug for years.  I see it in countless magazine shoots and always oogle over it.  Unfortunately, 24th came with standard beige carpeting throughout and the floors are usually the last part of a step-by-step remodel.  So I will stick to loving from afar....

 MWA rug (image via Domino)  
MWA rug (image via Domino)
MWA (image via CocoCozy)

(image via DwellStudio)

IKEA version (image via Dwell)
Stripe Jute, what could be better? (image via West Elm)


  1. Jaime dear friend! I love your blog and once you posted about the stripey rug, I'm now seeing it everywhere! Friends of friends from college used it in their one bedroom in Chicago:

    Keep up the good work over here - inspiring!