Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Love of a Little Girl

Well then, exactly one month after we move out to embark on our remodel we found out we were pregnant again. Thankfully we embarked on this major reno or else baby girl would have been sleeping in a closet!

I had to scrap my playroom ideas and shift gears towards a baby girl's room.  I have never been one for pink and the boys room has me deep into rustic, muted, natural materials.  I was actually stumped on what to do, I wanted to keep it in line with our esthetic but wanted to give her room to have a feminine touch she could grow into.

We already have the crib, a daybed and rocker (which needed to be reupholstered).  I also planned to swipe the black dresser that used to be in the dining room.  That left paint color and accessories.

First the Paint...

I loved this room from House*Tweaking for her own #3 baby girl.  The color is BM Dark Pewter - a dark grey with hint of green to it.

Before the remodel, our tiny third bedroom was painted a dark grey and I loved it, but this room will be bigger and I am nervous about a color like that being too dark in a wider space, so I am going to try a two tone look and bring in a chair rail to separate.  The top color will be BM French Canvas, which we have in our basement hallway and it a smooth, creamy off white; the bottom, BM Dark Pewter.  I am still working through the chair rail color.

Now the accessories...

Well with most of the furniture already picked out and my interest in the paint scheme, it was down to the inspiration for accessories and accent color.  I need to get the chair reupholstered and my mind was running into 50 different directions for possibilities.

I started with curtains to inspire the vibe of the room.  Wanting fun, well made curtains with a feminine feel, I turned to Anthropologie and fell in love with these.

I loved the femininity of the birds and the array of colors it allowed me to bring into the room. They are pricey but since I had all of the furniture already, I felt it ok to splurge a little on #3.

This also allowed me to a lot of options for the rocker fabric.  I wanted find something graphic that complemented the curtains. Spoonflower to the rescue - I can't get enough of this site. You can get any fabric (or paper) in hundreds of different patterns. Don't like what you see? Design you own. Brilliant. 

I ordered a few samples that didn't quite fit the bill. I liked the bold color as the background but the teal wasn't right. I ended up ordering deep coral ogee without seeing the sample and thankfully it worked.

I am really happy with how this room is coming together and I hope she is too!