Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the Parsons Desk

I just discovered Front&Main, West Elm's blog.  As a huge fan of the store and its modern bohemian style, I am also a big fan of the blog.  They seem to always showcase their Parsons line; which is probably West Elm's most famous piece often featured in design mags and blogs.  I decided to show how I use my own Parsons desk - as an entry way console.  I decided to get the desk vs. the console because it was deeper and shorter (which worked better for the space) AND I thought it more useful to get a desk should I need to use the piece somewhere else down the line.  {SIDE NOTE: When buying a piece, I try to think of multiple uses for it therefore if it doesn't work as expected I have a back up and also helps justifying a new purchase.  My husband laughs at me for this. }

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the Love of Craft Paper

I love craft paper.  It's natural, easy and always seems to fit in nicely with the earthy vibe that I am always drawn too.  It has become a staple table runner option, reminiscent of an Italian countryside picnic.  I often write guests names directly on the paper as well as a welcome note providing a nice personal touch.  Craft paper has also become my wrapping paper of choice, either with a big colorful bow or more natural with garden twine and snowflakes for Christmas.  I normally keep a roll in my dining room closet (yes there is a closet in the 24th dining room) but I came across this sweet set up in my daily Remodelista newsletter.  The picture is from the office of Fuzzco in Charlston, but Remodelista provides recommendations on where to find my own massive roll of paper.  Now where to put it.........

(Image: Remodelista, Fuzzco Office)