Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the Death of Domino

Ok it's nearly three years, but I am still distraught over the end of my beloved Domino.  I finally got my fixer, where I could invest in real renovations and design experiments and my favorite inspiration was gone.  Thankfully I kept most of my back issues so when we moved into 24th I was able to pour over them again and get fresh ideas for the new space.

But here are a few of my other favorite destinations for the design obsessed...

Lonny Mag - ex Domino staffer, magazine designed web-site, easy links to items and new "my lonny" file saves.  I miss flipping through a magazine although I do appreciate the "green" benefit
Living Etc.  - it has great style, similar to Domino, showcases where to buy, but it's a UK pub so links to UK stores/sites
Anthology - gorgeous, thick paged magazine. An arty approach to design, with in-depth profiles.  So pretty I use them to decorate with (see last picture)

Remodelista - I look forward to this newsletter everyday, awesome inspirations from around the world
22mornings  - this is a designer friend of mine in Buffalo, she has a great sense of style.  She always manages to keep things simple yet intriguing
House*Tweaking - just came across this blog, she has some crafty DIY ideas and I am enjoying her own experiences of living through a renovation
Design*Sponge - will admit, might have been the last to hop on this bandwagon.  It wasn't until I got her book that I started reading her blog.  The sneak peeks are my favorite

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