Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Love of a Little Boy

Oh my, it has been a year since my last post.  I took on a new job and neglected my blog.  Now that we are DEEP into a renovation, I owe it to myself to get this thing going again.  After all, I started it to keep a diary of a fixer-upper in case we decided to do it again so I could accurately recall the good, bad and ugly.

So I am starting fresh and decided to throw chronological order to the wind (you might see a post of an activity I did in 2011 shortly after we moved in, followed by a reno brainstorm from 2013).  I am giving myself the right to post on what is moving me today and maybe it won't be a year before I post again.

So today, it's all about the boys room.

We have two boys that we plan to have share a room even when we will have two viable rooms.  Before the renovation, we had one decent sized room and one tiny, not fit to be a room (no windows).  Eventually we moved them in together and turned the tiny room into a playroom.  Once you have a playroom, there is no going back.  Throw in the toys and close the door.  Amen!

Alas, there is the debate with a 5 and 2 year old on the decor.  I am working to find the balance of my style with a room they will feel is there own.   If left to them, it would be orange and red walls and Star Wars everywhere.   My tastes are slightly more subdued.

My go to style is rustic, with a hint of mid century modern.  Wood, natural fabrics, muted colors.  I love a masculine feel for the boys - a bit of industrial meets camping.  I want something functional (storage a plenty, playfulness of chalkboard walls, easily accesible books and warm blankets).

The current inspirations:

Natural colors and materials. Image via Remodelista

Love this drawing table. Image via Houzz

Built in wood desk, chalk board paint. Image via Remodelista

Brilliant bookshelves. Image via Houzz

Crazy for maps, we have three SF vintage ones we plan to use.  Image via Houzz

Smart built in desk.  Image via Remodelista

Here are some items I am considering...

Wool blankets via Coyuchi

Crate&Barrel bed

Vintage locker bench via Home Decorators Collection

And don't worry,  I have already committed to the star wars night light.  It doesn't match my theme but after all,  a mom always gives in to her little boys a little!

Pottery Barn Kids Night Light

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